Getting Started with an SMS Tracker App

sms trackerAn SMS tracker is a software app that runs on a smartphone and sends a copy all SMS messages that it receives or sends to an alternate location. An SMS spy is a helpful tool for parents, employers, and in some cases spouses who want to know the truth about the text messages sent/received on the smartphone of someone they care about or are responsible for.

Help for Those Wanting to Know the Truth

As mentioned in the introduction, those who are interested in purchasing an SMS tracker do so to find out about the activities of someone that they love or are responsible for. The situations where they want to know what is happening include:

  • Parents wanting to know if their teenagers use inflammatory messages filled with profanity to send to their friends or even strangers
  • Employers wanting to know if their employee spends hours on a company-issued smartphone sending SMS messages to pass the time during the workday
  • A husband who suspects his wife is having an affair and wants to know the conversation exchange between that spouse and her lover
  • Parents that want to know if their teenager is involved in drug activity and want to check SMS messages on their smartphone to determine if this is in fact taking place

You can probably think of several more scenarios where an SMS spy is needed to get to the truth. Without the SMS tracker running on the devices they carry, getting to the truth is far more difficult.

How to Choose an SMS Tracker App

mobile spyIf you fit into the category as a person needing an SMS tracker then you obviously want to know where to start. The first place to start is by choosing a vendor. Typically vendors include the SMS spy feature as part of their overall cell phone spy software which also collects logs from the monitored smartphone pertaining to calls sent/received, websites visited, GPS location history, and more.

Some suggestions where to start your search for a cell phone tracking app that includes an SMS spy are Mobile Spy, StealthGenie, mSpy, SpyBubble, and PhoneSheriff.

The Workings of the SMS Spy

The SMS tracker works in conjunction with the other features on the cell phone spy. The complete cell phone spy app runs silently on the smartphone that it is monitoring. As it runs, it sends all logs to include SMS logs across the internet to the vendor’s server where it is indexed for subsequent viewing by you the subscriber.

Additional Features of a Premium SMS Spy

Some vendors enhance the SMS spy even further by enabling what they refer to as alerts and notifications. These are email or SMS alerts generated by the SMS tracker when subscriber-defined trigger words are used in messages.

With alerts and notifications capability within the SMS spy, you can be alerted when your teenager uses words such as “beer”, “party”, “weed”, and any other words you define. You can also be alerted when profanity is used in these messages.

By now you can see the value of an SMS spy when it comes to finding out the truth about the text messaging activities of your child, employee, or wayward spouse. Begin by perusing the various vendors’ websites and choose the SMS tracker that fits what you need and at the price you can afford.