SpyBubble Cell Phone Tracking App

There is a product out there in the market of cell phone tracking software that is called SpyBubble but what is it all about? It is about getting at the truth when it comes to the activities of your kids, employees, or spouse and it uses the smartphone they carry to track what they do and say.

SpyBubble Cell Phone Tracking App

Why Use SpyBubble?

As mentioned previously, the SpyBubble cell phone spy is used to get to the truth with regard to your kids, employees, or spouse. But “why” you might ask?

The “why” questions can be answered as follows:

1. Parents want to know with whom their children are communicating, what their plans are, where they are going, and if they are abusing their smartphone.

2. Employers issue smartphones to their employees to help them in their jobs. They also want to make sure these smartphones are used for their intended purpose.

3. Some spouses have husbands or wives whose behavior are suspicious to the point it seems that they are cheating.

The idea behind a cell phone tracking app such as SpyBubble is to use the smartphone it runs on as a tracking and listening device. This smartphone is in the hand of the child, employee, or spouse. The app runs silently and undetected while the person being monitored has no clue that he is being watched.

Some Powerful SpyBubble Features

Here are just some of the SpyBubble features that you will find powerful for getting at the truth about the activities of those you love or are responsible for:

  • Call history logging and recording
  • SMS and email message spying
  • Internet messenger (IM) text spying (WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM)
  • Internet activity tracking
  • GPS Location tracking
  • Viewing of photos taken on the target device
  • Recording the surrounding environment of the target device
  • Bug a smartphone to listen to the incoming calls

Some of these features such as recording are only offered with the Pro version. Before purchasing the SpyBubble cell phone tracker you need to decide what features are of critical importance and choose the Basic or Pro version depending on your choices.

Getting Started at an Affordable Price

The really attractive part about SpyBubble is its price. You can purchase the Basic version of the cell phone spy for $49.95 and the Pro Version for only $84.90. Compare what the SpyBubble cell phone tracker does with other like products that cost more. You can visit this website for some additional information about spybubble package pricing.

How These Features Help

gpsThese features of the SpyBubble cell phone tracking system help parents, employers, and suspicious spouses in many ways.

First, GPS tracking gives the true story as to the location history of the monitored person. Thus, you will know where your child is when not at home and able to challenge him when he lies about his location. The same applies to a cheating spouse who is gone for hours or an employee who has supposedly been on a service call but is really at an extended bar room lunch.

Then, you also get to see what is being said in SMS messages, emails, and IM chat logs. To make it even easier, these logs are fully searchable, thus you can search on keywords that would indicate suspicious activity and find the messages to give you more clues. You might just be able to find that romantic conversation between your cheating spouse and the other person.

Continuing with more help, you also get to see the call logs from the monitored smartphone that would show if your cheating spouse has been chatting with the other person or if your child is communicating with friends who are nothing but trouble.

When you get the Pro Version of the SpyBubble cell phone tracking app, you can listen in on calls as they are happening. This would be very valuable for confirming the suspicious behavior of the one whom you are monitoring.

The Simple Workings of SpyBubble

The SpyBubble cell phone tracking system uses simple methodology to do its job. The app runs silently on the smartphone that will be monitored. The user never detects it thus it maintains its spy or “stealth” characteristic.

While it runs on the smartphone, it collects all the logs and multimedia files relevant to the features list above. At a defined interval period, it sends the information to the SpyBubble server where it is stored for later viewing by you the subscriber.