The Uses of SniperSpy Key Logging Software


What is SniperSpy key logging software all about? Who uses it? How does it work? These are questions anyone would have when introduced to the software for the first time.

Basically, SniperSpy key logging software is a robust package of tools used to monitor the activities on a desktop or notebook computer.

True, some use key logging software for criminal purposes such as trapping passwords from unsuspecting users but this is not what SniperSpy key logging is all about. Continue reading and you will discover the valid uses for this powerful computer monitoring tool.

1. Parental Control

Parental ControlParents use SniperSpy to set parameters for their kids’ behavior while using their computers online. The parameters they set and monitor are in the areas of

  • Websites they can visit
  • The applications they can run
  • With whom they are chatting on instant messengers
  • What they are posting on social media websites
  • When they can use their computers
  • Spotting when they are using profanity

SniperSpy keylogging software provides you as a parent with tools to not only view history but also be proactive and filter unwanted activities. The most used feature by parents is website filtering. In other words, you can see where your child went and block it in the event that they want to visit it in the future.

2. In the Workplace

Employees ComputersEmployers use SniperSpy software to ensure that their computer assets are used for constructive work purposes only. Basically, employers are concerned about:

  • Time wasting
  • Sharing of company secrets with competitors
  • Browsing personal and offensive websites
  • Harassment lawsuits, sexual or otherwise
  • Utilization reporting

Let’s explain harassment lawsuits a little more. If you have an employee viewing pornographic websites during working hours, you as an employer are susceptible to a sexual harassment lawsuit. Here again, the SniperSpy key logging software allows you to block websites so that your employees are never tempted.

3. Tracking a Cheating Spouse

When a spouse suspects the other in the marriage of having an affair, there is a feeling of helplessness in finding out the truth. Here is another area where SniperSpy is of tremendous help. Spouses use the keylogger to find facts about their cheating partner such as:

  • Enrollment on dating websites
  • Capturing passwords to access adult chat forums
  • Other websites visited
  • Chats from instant messenger logs

You can also track their GPS location easily with a spy app. Maybe it seems a little sneaky but you should consider that your cheating spouse is sneaking around on you as well.

4. Backup Information

BackupSniperSpy key logging software provides another useful purpose in the area of computer management and monitoring. The different logs that it collects can all be exported to CSV, XLS, or PDF files and serve as a backup of the user’s activity for the day.

This backup capability can come in handy when something such as chat communications need to be documented and shared. For example, it is quite possible in a business environment that one of your employees negotiated a valid business deal over Google Talk and this would need to be documented and stored offline for sharing by those drawing up the contract.

SniperSpy key logging software is a module that runs silently in the background of the desktop or notebook computer it is installed on. As it runs, it collects logs pertaining to all activities performed on it to include all keystrokes entered.

The information is sent to your subscriber control panel giving you an intuitive indexed way to get a snapshot of what your child, employee, or spouse is actually doing while online. It is an affordable alternative to standing over their shoulder 24 x 7.