Mobile Spy App

UPDATE: On March 5, 2018, the maker of Mobile Spy, Retina-X Studios, LLC, stopped taking new orders for the software. You can find many other spy apps on the BestPhoneSpy website.

When you purchase the Mobile Spy app, you are getting the most advanced monitoring system for a mobile device. The software has features that allow parents and employers to keep a watchful eye on mobile device users. Here are some of the features that are highly talked about among Mobile Spy’s customers.

Mobile Spy App

Cell ID Location

This feature is amazing. It provides the account holder with the location of the person being monitored. It does this by, giving the ID number of the cell phone tower that the user is closest to. It updates all through the day as the user goes from tower to tower. This feature of the Mobile Spy software, is not as advanced as the GPS feature. However, it does give a general location of the cell phone that is being monitored. This is a great feature to have when you want to check in on an employee who is out on the job. This will ensure the worker is where they’re suppose to be.

Application Block

It’s hard to keep up with everything a child downloads. There are many apps that are not kid friendly, and parents need the ability to block inappropriate material. Even using social media can be dangerous for a child who doesn’t know better. Mobile Spy allows the account holder to block the apps that are not approved. You can block apps that are built in or downloaded. This is a sure way to know your child is not being exposed to adult material and conversations.

SMS Commands

Mobile Spy allows the account holder to send commands when needed. This is the perfect solution when questionable activity is occurring.

The SMS Commands include:

sms commands

  1. Limit cell phone usage by locking the phone.
  2. Release the cell phone lock so it can be used.
  3. Mobile Spy users can retrieve the location of the phone through the current GPS position. When a command is sent from the account user’s phone, it will receive an SMS message that contains the exact location of the monitored phone. The current location can be viewed on a map.
  4. SIM card information from the monitored phone can be retrieved by sending out a command. The account users’ phone that sends the command, will receive an SMS message with all the SIM card information.
  5. Account holders have the ability to retrieve and delete recent call logs, past SMS details, visited URL information, contacts on the phone, and photos that are stored on the monitored mobile device.

Uninstalling Mobile Spy

Once you are done monitoring the mobile device, the Mobile Spy software can be remotely uninstalled. All you have to do is log into your user account, go to the Mobile Spy control panel, and click the Remote Uninstall button. An untraceable SMS message will be sent to the monitored phone, and the device will automatically delete the monitoring software without the user knowing.

Mobile Spy is your eyes and ears when you’re not around. It has so many wonderful features that allow parents and employees to monitor a mobile device and receive the answers they need. Mobile Spy is designed to monitor a mobile device in every way possible. This is a small price to pay when questionable activity is occurring, and you need to protect the cell phone user from the negative effects that could occur.